Best Mid-Sized Sailboat Value

Ready to Sail Away

The Colgate 26 is absolutely the best value you’ll find for a daysailer and racing keelboat in the 22’ to 30’ range. Construction starts when three orders are received and generally takes a minimum of six weeks from start to finish.

Sail Away Payments and Custom Options

Currently when you place your order, a $10,000 deposit is due, an additional $20,000 deposit is due when the hull is molded, and final payment is required when you are notified it is ready to be delivered. See our Colgate 26 Complete Sail Away Package and what’s included.

Custom hull colors (which as you can see can be gorgeous), can be done by the builder, as well as barrier coats and bottom paints.  Custom hull color and bottom paint are not included in the sail-away Colgate 26 sailboat price.

Delivery Options

You have two delivery options. Order a trailer (optional) and we’ll have the boat on the trailer ready for you to come pick up your boat yourself. Or ask us to arrange for a boat delivery service to bring it to the yard of your choice. It can be on a trailer or not when delivered by truck. Delivery by us is, of course, is also an extra charge as is the cost of a trailer.

U.S. Sailboat Show Display Boat

The very lowest Colgate 26 sailboat price you can get is available if you order a Colgate 26 for Offshore Sailing School to display in its booth at the U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis, MD each October. You can go for just the standard white hull version, or a custom color like this beautiful navy blue that was ordered for display in the 2013 show.

Rig It and Set Sail!

When the boat arrives, all you need do is rig the mast and put the sails on – which generally can be done by two or three people.  A handbook is included when the boat is delivered, or it can be emailed in advance so you are ready to jump into action when the boat arrives.

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