The Colgate 26 – A Sailboat for All Reasons

Welcome to the awesome world of Colgate 26 sailors and sailboat owners. Colgate 26 sailboats are known as The Boats For All Reasons, because they are so versatile and so safe in all wind and sea conditions. Many Colgate 26 owners just enjoy sailing in and around harbors and lakes with family and friends. Other Colgate 26 sailors spend most of their time aboard racing in local and regional competitions. Some Colgate sailboat owners are members of sailing clubs and sailing schools that use the Colgate 26 sailboat exclusively for club activities, coaching sailboat racers and teaching new sailors. Whatever the reason, you can be assured that your Colgate 26 is a safe and unsinkable sailboat, with ergonomic comfort and sophisticated go-fast features that make sailing so much fun. Want to find out what Colgate 26 owners have to say? Here are a few Colgate 26 reviews and testimonials from ardent fans.

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