I was very impressed with the boats, as was my foredeck crew who has sailed with me for years. She found that she could tack by stepping in front of the mast or by crossing the cockpit, depending on the tactical needs of the situation. And she did it all on the fore deck: raise the spinnaker, furl the jib, gybe the pole and pull the spinnaker down.

Dave Perry, Southport, CT, professional matching sailor in Colgate 26 sailboats at the Manhasset Bay Knickerbocker Cup and author of “Understanding the Racing Rules of Sailing”.

  The boat sails itself. I have no fear in this boat (Zig Zag) at all. I like going fast now!

Mrs. Stew Hibbins – Burnt Hills, NY

This is the perfect family day sailor for Lake Winnipesaukee – large enough to handle boat chop and windy days with plenty of room for the family to relax, yet also very capable on light air days and easy to sail with just two on board. We found her to be very functional and also have very solid performance characteristics. Our Torqeedo electric motor performed well providing us with quite power to get on and off the dock without ever buying or handling fuel. Quiet and effective – just like the Colgate 26! The support of all the members of Offshore Sailing School was very helpful. When we have questions there are always people available to help out.

Alan Fournier – Meredith, NH

It’s unusual for a customer to tell a vendor his advertising is absolutely true. That’s what I’m telling you. The Colgate 26 is a joy to sail! It handles well in all wind and wave conditions, and on all points of sail. It’s a comfortable, stable, easy to sail daysailer and a fast, sophisticated racer. A Colgate 26, #56 owned by Jerry Ebert, took just about every PHRF cup on Lake Mendota this past summer. I must confess, he usually beats me. He often beats J80s boat-for-boat. I sometimes beat J80s boat-for-boat. On top of all this, the Colgate 26 is a great sailing value.

Joe Silverberg – Madison, WI

I am so pleased with this boat. My crew was amazed at how she ghosts along, even close-hauled with a 100% jib in a 5-7 knot breeze. The boat is spectacular. Perfect balance, no weather helm, speedy and dry.

Cole Palmer – Westport, CT

    Have you ever tried to do a 360 penalty turn while moving along at a good clip? The boat (The Nancy Anne) will spin like a top! You feel like a kid in an icy parking lot with your dad’s car.

Pat Nowak – Holland, MI

The Design Concept

A boat for all reasons

Day Sailing

The spacious cockpit makes the Colgate 26 a very inviting platform that will accommodate 6 crew easily. The European Union rates her for 10 passengers! The space coupled with the convenient cooler and portable heads down below makes the Colgate 26 an ideal day sailor. Even if you’re not venturing far it’s good to know that the stability and multiple safety features will take care of you and your guests should you get caught out by the weather.

Round-the-Buoy Racing

Though there are strict class rules, most owners sail to the PHRF handicap system and are very successful. One owner in the Chesapeake has won his class in the Screwpile Regatta every year for a number of years. If you really feel ‘the need for speed’ then there is the Colgate 26 ‘Turbo’ package that will give you an edge in your PHRF racing.


We tow the Colgate 26 all over the country. Any car or van that can tow 3600 pounds will have no trouble. The trailer has double axles and four wheels, so a flat tire causes no angst.


The proof is in the selection committees that chose the Colgate 26 over all other training boats for the U.S. Naval Academy, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and the Maine Maritime Academy. None of these academies take their selection lightly when ordering a fleet of sailboats. The Colgate 26 is also highly acclaimed by seasoned Offshore Sailing School instructors who prefer this platform over similarly sized boats that were developed without training being an important part of the design specifications.

Length overall

Colage 26 Sailboat AerialSteve has kept costs down by reducing requirements applied by the U.S. Coast Guard and insurance companies for larger boats. At 25’8” overall, the Colgate 26 is a Class 1 vessel, which is subject to fewer USCG requirements and is covered under most homeowner insurance policies which give automatic watercraft liability coverage for boats under 26 feet.


The Colgate 26 beam is 8’6” which falls within the maximum legal width for highway towing. Wider boats have been towed illegally on highways for years but recently some states have started to use lasers for load measurements. Steve felt “better to be safe, than sorry!”


Steve Wanted a boat that felt and acted like a larger boat. Although naval architect Jim Taylor suggested an all up weight of 2200 pounds, I felt the structure strength and fiberglass lay-up thickness would be compromised at that weight,” states Steve. “We agreed on 2600 pounds because I did not want a light boat that would be tossed around by waves, throwing crew off balance. It needed to feel large and powerful. We increased sturdiness with negligible effect on speed and performance.”


For stability and performance, Jim Taylor and Steve agreed on a draft of 4′ 6″ with 1050 pounds of lead in the keel. “I wanted a boat that would not scare beginners, yet would have the performance desired by racing sailors.” On both accounts, the Colgate 26 is “right on.”

The Colgate 26 Turn-Key Package and Options

Nearly every item you want for sailing and racing is included in the standard package. Consider the Colgate 26 as your next new boat – the most fun, best performing, most satisfying boat you’ve ever had! Call 1-866-842-4355 or email Steve today: Steve@colgate26.com

Included in the standard package


Waving from Sailboat
  • White hull
  • White gel coat deck
  • Molded non-skid on deck and cockpit
  • Positive foam flotation
  • Swept-back tapered spreaders
  • Anodized aluminum mast
  • Anodized aluminum boom
  • Companionway leads to interior
  • Keel bolted on with 8 1/2″ stainless bolts
  • Self-bailing cockpit
  • Self-bailing port & starboard seat lockers
  • Lead Keel 1050 lbs. (std) 1250 lbs. (shoal)
  • Deck and hull bolted together and bonded with 5200
  • Custom rubber bumper around hull and transom
  • Cockpit locker for outboard gas tank


  • Battery & battery box
  • Wiring harness
  • Electrical panel
  • Interior light
  • Solar panel
  • VHF radio & antenna


  • V-berths
  • Two quarter berths
  • Insulated ice chest
  • Portable head
  • Bulkheads and trim
  • Compression post

Sails (North)

  • Mainsail
  • Headsail
  • Spinnaker

Deck Hardware & Equipment

  • Spinnaker pole
  • Single foreguy
  • Spinnaker pole lift
  • Harken jib roller furling system
  • Two Harken #16 self-tailing winches
  • Two Titan floating lock-in winch handles
  • Two jib tracks and cars
  • Two twing line arrangements
  • Five rope clutches for 3 halyards and two reef lines
  • Two Harken cam cleats on port and starboard coamings for twing, and spinnaker sheet
  • Three Harken cam cleats forward of companionway for pole lift, foreguy, outhaul
  • Harken traveler and 4:1 mainsheet system
  • Rigid stainless steel boom vang with cam cleat
  • Cunningham
  • Adjustable backstay and cam cleats led forward
  • Stainless steel bow pulpit, lifelines, stanchions and tubular cockpit railings
  • Windex masthead fly
  • Compass mounted on bulkhead
  • Hinged mast step for easy rigging
  • Companionway hatch boards, vertical and horizontal
  • Outboard motor bracket
  • Solar vent in companion way hatch
  • Navigation side lights and stern lights on deck
  • Masthead light & anchor light
  • Two four-bolt bow cleats
  • Two four-bolt stern cleats
  • One stainless bow eye
  • Cockpit bilge pump
  • Tiller extension


General Choices

  • Shoal draft (3’6”) keel & rudder
  • Trailer
  • Two-tone deck (gray non-skid)
  • Berth cushions
  • Mainsail cover
  • Tiller cover
  • Lifting bridle (for 2-part hoists)
  • 10” X 10” Bomar opening forward hatch
  • Sink, faucet and water tank (flexible plastic)
  • Thru-hull fitting for sink instead of draining in the bilge
  • AwlCraft (like AwlGrip) painted topsides color

Safety Package

  • Mariner 110 fire extinguisher
  • Orion first aid kit
  • Distress flag
  • Set of 4 life preservers in bag
  • Two 5’ paddles
  • Two blue fenders 6” x 18”
  • Two docklines 3/8” x 20’
  • 8 lb anchor
  • 15’ chain
  • 150’ 3/8” line
  • Type IV white throw cushion
  • Orion star tracer flares 3-pack
  • Whistle with lanyard
  • USCG bracket for fire extinguisher

COLGATE 26 Features


Colage 26 Sailboat Aerial
  • Positive foam flotation to make boat virtually unsinkable
  • VHF radio, battery and solar panel for emergency communication
  • Massive tiller head and rudder post (a weak point on many boats)
  • Roller furling jib for quick sail area reduction
  • Easy reefing system for fast mainsail area reduction
  • Balanced so well, can be sailed easily with mainsail alone or with just the jib
  • Solid boomvang, so boom cannot fall on sailors aboard
  • High boom and gooseneck to reduce chance of boom hitting a sitting person
  • Bulkhead mounted compass for navigation
  • All required navigation lights for nighttime operation
  • All cockpit hatches are self bailing and don’t open into cabin
  • Only way for water to get inside is through the companionway hatch
  • Boat is stable, floats so high, water has yet to get in cabin even in full knockdown
  • No through hull openings in the standard boat
  • Battery is sunken into flooring and strapped in position
  • Traveler is aft of crew, so mainsheet won’t snag a person in a flying jibe
  • Extra mainsheet release on traveler for instructor control
  • Cockpit pump to bail bilge
  • Four 4-bolt cleats for secure towing
  • Bow eye for secure tie-down on trailer or a safety line at mooring
  • Overbuilt mast and oversized stays and shrouds to reduce chance of losing mast
  • Swept back spreaders – mast is safe if backstay is broken; no need for running backs
  • Eight oversized stainless bolts securing the keel
  • Low transom for ease of getting a person back on board
  • Rigid railings along cockpit for safety
  • Stainless eye in anchor locker to secure bitter end of anchorline

Durability, reparability and other features

  • Solid rubber bumper over hull/deck connection
  • Hull/deck connection bonded and bolted with stainless bolts about every six inches
  • Solid fiberglass hull for ease of repair
  • Stainless mast tabernacle for ease of raising mast
  • Self bailing cockpit storage locker on starboard side
  • Self bailing cockpit locker on port side
  • Winch handles float, can’t be lost overboard (many dropped over side in Offshore Saililng School “crew overboard” practice, all retrieved)
  • Fiberglass reinforced for additional strength in bow, keel attachment area, stanchion base connections and mast support
  • Stainless steel outboard motor bracket standard equipment
  • Lockable storage in cockpit
  • Extra fuel tank compartment
  • Deck sandwiched with corecell foam for extra rigidity
  • Non-skid rougher than normal for a boat this size
  • Surprisingly dry boat – rubrail deflects waves outboard
  • Bow pulpit does not extend past bow (to avoid bending on pilings or sea walls)
  • The only wood on the Colgate 26 is the tiller
  • Massive bronze tiller head (same as used on much larger 33-foot boats)
  • Rudder rotates 360 degrees without hitting

Easy transition:

To any racing boat

  • Adjustable backstay
  • Adjustable outhaul
  • Traveler
  • Cunningham
  • Full spinnaker gear – pole, topping lift, foreguy, guy, sheet, Harken ratchet blocks
  • Twings for spinnaker guy and sheet with cam cleats
  • Adjustable jib fairlead cars
  • Windex masthead fly
  • Bulkhead compass
  • Tiller extension

To larger boats

  • Self-tailing winches
  • Rope clutches for reef lines and halyards
  • Cockpit bilge pump
  • Roller furling jib drum and furling line
  • Lighting fuse panel
  • Anchor well
  • Reefing ears on gooseneck fitting
  • Solid boomvang

Racing efficiency

  • Non-overlapping jib, so spinnaker pole can be set to leeward
  • Rigid cockpit railings, comfortable to lean on with legs over the side
  • Clean, uncluttered deck
  • Backstay & traveler lines lead to both sides – adjustable when hiking out
  • Self-tailing winch for spinnaker guy

Comfort while cruising and day sailing

  • Portable head (so yo can stay out longer without a pit stop)
  • Insulated cooler for cold drinks to avoid dehydration
  • 6′ V-berth and two 7′ 3″ long, 2′ wide quarter berths
  • Interior light
  • Self bailing rope and fender cockpit locker on starboard side
  • Self bailing storage cockpit locker on port side
  • Optional sink, optional berth cushions
  • Outboard bracket for small outboard easily attached and steered by

Sail plan

  • Large, well-designed mainsail allows comfortable sailing without jib
  • Double reefs in main provide comfortable sailing in heavy weather
  • Roller furling jib when fully out allows comfortable sailing without mainsail
  • Jib sail area can be reduced with Harken roller furling unit for heavy weather sailing
  • Neither main nor jib needs to be removed after sailing – jib roller furls, main slides down for slab reefing easily
  • Optional UV cover for mainsail and tiller protects cloth and varnish.
  • Furled jib has leech UV cover when rolled
  • All controls for main and jib lead back to cockpit for handling ease
  • Spinnaker is symmetrical, making it more fun and easier to handle in tight racing
  • Excellent Harken blocks provided for leading spinnaker guy and sheet, easily trimmed from cockpit
  • Full spinnaker gear included – pole, guys, sheets, down haul, topping lift, halyards

COLGATE 26 Specifications

Colgate 26 Sailboat Specifications

The complete sail package is standard with the boat.

Specifications  Standard Keel  Shoal Draft
LOA 25’8″ 25’8″
LWL 20’0″ 20’0″
BEAM 8’6″ 8’6″
DRAFT STD 4’6″ 3’6″
DISPLACEMENT 2600 lbs 2800 lbs
BALLAST 1050 lbs 1250 lbs
SAIL AREA 338 sq ft 338 sq ft

To talk to Steve Colgate, please call 1-866-842-4355 (toll free U.S. and Canada) Contact Bobby Brooks, 239-985-7539 if Steve is unavailable.

Find out what makes the Colgate 26 such a unique experience. Learn about the Colgate 26 Sailboat Design